Feb 21, 2011

Poo on you!

via tokyofashion.com
 This picture doesn't have a whole lot to do with my post, other than the fact that he's got poo & pee all over his sweatshirt. LOVE IT!!! I WANT!!!

Lately I've been having these recurring nightmares about people pooping on me. Random, yes!!? Exactly! Mind-bottling, I tell you. Well, I was having a conversation with Jojo about why the heck I keep having these dreams, and he finally made sense of it all: "maybe you're just tired of people shitting on you".

That's when the light bulb above my purple head turned on. It sure explains a lot. I always find that I've been taken advantage of, usually when it's too late to do anything about it. Trust, I do NOT enjoy being shat on (metaphorically, in this case, and fingers crossed no one would ever literally poo on me) but always end up finding myself in those situations.

And in those nightmares it took me forever to wash the stench off -- just like how it takes me a while to recover and trust people again. And for some foolish reason I try to act nonchalant when people poo on me in my dreams, when in my head I'm freaking out. Same goes IRL also, I tend to act nonchalant about most things. Weird that I wouldn't try to beat someone up if they were pooping on me in my dreams. But I guess that means my subconscious is telling me that I need to be more aware of the times that I am about to get "shat on" IRL and nip it in the bud before any feelings get hurt.

Ah, I do love my metaphorically insightful dreams. They're so silly :P


  1. LOL! W♥C always has interesting things written all over her clothes. xD But wow, those are some scary nightmares! ~__~ You're such a sweet girl and don't deserve to be shat on!! ... Metaphorically, of course. xD

  2. Aww, hehe thanks Tricia! Omg I'd loove to shop at W♥C and take pics with their cute mannequins! xD

  3. LOL that was great. but that sucks about the dreams >< it's very weird too. i used to have weird dreams about disney characters murdering each other. idk what it's supposed to mean though. i always wanted to get a book on dreams but haven't found a good one yet :(

  4. hey hey :3
    i found your blog and i really like it ~
    i'm so interested in meeting new people, or talk to them, sorry, my english :D but, you know what i mean xD i would be glad if you write back ^^.