Jan 13, 2011

To new beginnings!

Last week Jojo decided to make a "surprise" visit and flew out to hang out with me for a couple days. We hadn't spoken for weeks and he heard through the grapevine that I was feeling sad. Though I was feeling very down, I wasn't able to shed any tears until we finally spoke. But they were happy tears.

Of course, I was also upset with him that he would waste his money on a plane ticket just to come see me. I've never had a friend go so out of their way for me just because I was sad. I guess since I was putting so much of myself into other friendships and not receiving much in return, I wasn't used to having someone else do so much more for me. I'm so blessed to have Jojo. He's my BESST friend :)

Anyway, we had a good time walking around downtown Huntsville and having great conversations.

I've always wanted to go to the art museum downtown.

We had a nice walk around Big Spring Park, though it was SOO cold!!

Huntsville was built around this spring.

The "Friendship Bridge"

The spring is full of koi. I like the "special" koi, hehehe :D

Birds fly south for the winter.
Right, we're in the south.

Being silly... this is how we do.

"These are our recreational clothes"
We love Nacho.

I'm gonna have to come back out to Big Spring Park when the cherry trees are in bloom and the grass isn't dead.

We had lunch in town, met up with my friends and hung out at Bridge Street, and finished off the day walking around Parkway Place Mall.

Welcome to Huntsville, "Rocket City"! I love this rocket :)

Plenty of legroom!!

Though I'm still a little bitter about Jojo insisting on flying out during the coldest time of the year, I had a good time. It was refreshing hanging out with a guy who's got his head on straight and doesn't have ulterior motives for me. Seriously, there needs to be more guys like him. I really appreciate him doing all he could do to make me feel better.

So, even though the first few weeks of this new year had me down, I'm on to better things!

F%#! happy endings, it's all about the new beginnings!!


  1. Lani you re so effing gorgeous! i miss you so much!!!! these pictures are awesome too! two-good lookin people ;) tell jojo i said hi! and i'm happy to know the story behind these pictures. that's very nice of jojo!! i wish it was that easy for me to fly to you or janis!!! :)

  2. yayyy you made a blog! i like how everything came out, you always have cute touches to your blog! anyway .. love the photos of you and jojo! soo cute you guys! look both genuinely happy & smiley in these photos! i like the nacho libre like poses.. LOL and it's so nice to get a sneakpeek of your hometown.. wow that park with the lake is very pretty ~ it reminds me of what i seen in movies but never actually seen in real life (being i grew up in hawaii my whole life.. lol) - and nice rocket ~ the sparkles and color match your clothes.. LOL

  3. btw i love your plane ring!! cooollll

  4. Juvy: aww thanks! :) Hahaha imagine Jojo saying "heyy" right back at you with his deep ass monotonic voice! XD But yeah I wish I could teleport to you guys. Or just be a big baller and I wouldn't have to worry about monies

    Janis: thaanks! Rawr I needs ta go back when that place isn't looking dead haha.. it's a lot more beautiful when the nature is thriving! Future blog post! :D And I fricken love that ring :3

  5. aww what an awesome story! it made me "aww" lol. i love your hair!!! i wish i could dye my hair like that again, but i would get kicked out of school haha ;P

  6. Say whaaaa??! They don't allow colored hair at school? Where are you going?

  7. hey honey i add you just now~ and i saw your cute blog~ i like it!

  8. Nice pics!! Haha~ Love your blog.