Feb 21, 2011

Poo on you!

via tokyofashion.com
 This picture doesn't have a whole lot to do with my post, other than the fact that he's got poo & pee all over his sweatshirt. LOVE IT!!! I WANT!!!

Lately I've been having these recurring nightmares about people pooping on me. Random, yes!!? Exactly! Mind-bottling, I tell you. Well, I was having a conversation with Jojo about why the heck I keep having these dreams, and he finally made sense of it all: "maybe you're just tired of people shitting on you".

That's when the light bulb above my purple head turned on. It sure explains a lot. I always find that I've been taken advantage of, usually when it's too late to do anything about it. Trust, I do NOT enjoy being shat on (metaphorically, in this case, and fingers crossed no one would ever literally poo on me) but always end up finding myself in those situations.

And in those nightmares it took me forever to wash the stench off -- just like how it takes me a while to recover and trust people again. And for some foolish reason I try to act nonchalant when people poo on me in my dreams, when in my head I'm freaking out. Same goes IRL also, I tend to act nonchalant about most things. Weird that I wouldn't try to beat someone up if they were pooping on me in my dreams. But I guess that means my subconscious is telling me that I need to be more aware of the times that I am about to get "shat on" IRL and nip it in the bud before any feelings get hurt.

Ah, I do love my metaphorically insightful dreams. They're so silly :P

Feb 20, 2011

Living in scrubs

I've been at school for the past six days this week. That counts two days of working in clinic. Whew! I was so pooped, last night was a big blur; I knocked out and slept all day today. I'm beginning to realize that most of my life these days are spent wearing scrubs. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I really miss dressing up and going out! ><;;

This was me after finishing up my Swedish massage midterm. I had to wait in my massage room while the rest of the students finished up their massages. Got bored and figured I was finished so I just laid on my table xD Somehow I can't seem to take naps at school, though :/

On my way out to clinic. I have to wear a wig since it's more "professional" if I'm going to be seeing clients. I tell you what though, it gets hot under there while I'm working D:

A typical day in class. Bwahaha but nah I swear I'm not usually this lazy and layin on tables all the time.

Well, I've had some time to get some good rest today. Now, right back to school again tomorrow!

Feb 13, 2011

My first massage table and working in clinic!

i. First massage table
A few weeks ago I got my very first massage table!! I had lots of fun picking it up from my apartment office. Luckily a man was nice enough to help me take it to my car. Mind you, it was raining that day! But I was soo excited to just take it home and set it up! I had spent days researching the hell out of what would be the best table for me, as well as comparing prices.


Here it is all set up! I am SO happy with everything! I'm so glad I spent all those hours researching and comparing!
I think I truly found my perfect first massage table. I love that it's aluminum and not wooden like the ones we have at school, and came with all the accessories. Not like any of that matters to you haha. But I couldn't be any happier with my first table! :3

The table folds up, has a carry case, is very lightweight, and I also got a bolster.
Don't you see the excite on mah face??? Haha, sarcasm. I had been running around in the rain, and getting everything out of the boxes and plastic was a workout in itself. I was a hot mess.

ii. First clinic
Had my first day of working in the clinic this past Friday. Honestly I wasn't too nervous about how the actual massages would go; I'm pretty confident with my techniques. I was more nervous that I didn't know what exactly to do when it came to meeting my clients and the whole process of getting their files and going over their SOAP notes (I promise I won't use too much massage therapy jargon here). Things were just so unorganized and we all felt like fish out of water.

For the first 15 minutes of my first client I was so nervous, stressed and worked up from all the confusion. I didn't want to transfer the feeling to her so I just took a deep breath and let it all go. And it stayed that way throughout the day :) Apparently all my clients had very nice things to say about me in their reviews! And I even got tips! Totally wasn't expecting that! Whoop!

While I was working the elastic snaps on my wig came undone and by the end of the day my wig had slid back and I didn't even realize it. Awesome. Anyway, even though there was lots of chaos it turned out to be a really good first day!