Jan 27, 2011

Sanrio throwbacks and Wish me mell

i. Sanrio throwbacks

These are the sheets I use for my table in massage class :3
You know... for learning purposes! x]

I'm really digging the fact that Sanrio is bringing back their old school characters! I mean... Strawberry King?!? Oh muh goodness!! It's been ages! So I was really excited to see that Sanrio sheet set :) It's like it was meant to be! "Twin sheets"?? "Sanrio"?? "Old school characters"?? "The"?? YES PLEASE, COUNT ME IN!!

ii. Wish me mell

On December 27th, 2010, our friends at Sanrio Japan welcomed their newest friend to the Sanrio family – Wish me mell!

When she was first introduced – she didn’t want to leave her egg shaped house because she didn’t have any friends. But thanks to all the kind correspondence from fans all over Japan, Mell finally decided to leave her house this week! - Sanrio

I love that even though Wish me mell is a new character, Sanrio had her drawn with a more "dated" feel. She looks like a vintage character. Actually, when I first saw a picture of her, I seriously thought she was another one of Sanrio's old characters that I must not have seen before because it was that old! But I was so wrong. Even so, just looking at this new character makes me feel so nostalgic. Especially with seeing all these older characters Sanrio has revived :)

Mell resides in the pastel-colored world called “Merci Hills”. Among her friends in Merci Hills is a turtle named Marin, a bear named Aro, a kitten named Chico and a panda named Poco. - Sanrio


  1. Awww, those are really cute sheets!! :3 And Mell is adorable! How perfect that she left her egg just in time for the year of the rabbit. xD

  2. ohhh!! you're taking classes for massaging? my mom is a masseuse :) you must have a lot of forehand pain :(

  3. omg that is so cute! i love how you incorporate your cuteness in your school and career.. im crazy about the old school characters from Sanrio too, i just bought the sticker sheet with all of them, and put it on my wall :D i plan to frame it! strawberry king is the best, i also like Tuxedo Sam and that green guy.. what is his name?

    and that Mell character gives such a nostalgic feel, i know what you mean! ;D

  4. Tricia: thanks! Ooooh it's good that you noticed that about the year of the rabbit! I wonder if that was on purpose xD

    Monica: yup yup!! But I'm taking a self care class to avoid injuries or fatigue on the body so no pain yet! That's awesome that your mom's a massage therapist too! :D

    Janis: yeah imagine I'm the only one in class who has prints on their sheets haha!! Hangyodon is so cute!

  5. Oh nice :) you can massage me one day. i'll pay you, of course. i have such stiff shoulder -x-
    and that sucks that you didn't get to try the dolewhip! ;-; i went there only for that LOL