Feb 20, 2011

Living in scrubs

I've been at school for the past six days this week. That counts two days of working in clinic. Whew! I was so pooped, last night was a big blur; I knocked out and slept all day today. I'm beginning to realize that most of my life these days are spent wearing scrubs. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I really miss dressing up and going out! ><;;

This was me after finishing up my Swedish massage midterm. I had to wait in my massage room while the rest of the students finished up their massages. Got bored and figured I was finished so I just laid on my table xD Somehow I can't seem to take naps at school, though :/

On my way out to clinic. I have to wear a wig since it's more "professional" if I'm going to be seeing clients. I tell you what though, it gets hot under there while I'm working D:

A typical day in class. Bwahaha but nah I swear I'm not usually this lazy and layin on tables all the time.

Well, I've had some time to get some good rest today. Now, right back to school again tomorrow!


  1. Wow lanimoo - sounds like u been a busy bee lately, but glad ure doing something u love, :) I can imagine massaging all day would drain you, I don't blame you for laying down on the table .. Hehe - so do u get stressed from
    Massaging that u need a massage yourself?? Weird thing to think about , lol - btw what a cute drawstring bag and love those sheets (like I said on ur facebook) miss u lani moo!

  2. Awww! You look so cute in scrubs, no joke! :3 Hang in there, ne! ♥

  3. Janis - yes, busy busy bee! But yeah, for every day that I work it would be nice to get my own massage haha! Well mostly cuz sometimes I forget to use correct posture when I'm working so I end up making myself sore when I'm done ><;; Thanks, the drawstring is for my balon hehehhee :3 And I miss you toooo!

    Tricia - awww thanks! xD